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Thursday,  March 15, 2018...A Day; AIM 30

Important Date Changes Due to Snow!
-Spring Sports Night: 
originally scheduled for Tuesday, 3/13, it will now take place on Thursday, 3/15, at 5:00pm in the main gym. All prospective spring student-athletes should attend the meeting with a parent/guardian.
-Out-of-District Registration Night: originally scheduled for Tuesday, 3/13, it will now take place on Thursday, 3/15, at 6:30pm in the cafeteria. All accepted students (tuition and AgriScience) should attend with a parent.
-NHS Coffee House: 
originally scheduled for Thursday, 3/15, will now take place on Wednesday, 3/28, at 7:00pm in the cafeteria. Check in with Mr. Jannke in room 211 to verify sign-ups.
-Student Congress Blood Drive: originally scheduled for all day Wednesday, 3/14, it has been postponed with a new date TBD. Appointments for today's blood drive will be honored on the new date!
-Activity Period (AIM 30): originally scheduled for Wednesday, 3/14, as usual, we have moved it to Thursday, 3/15, as we do not run AIM on Wednesdays shortened by delays or dismissals.

SAVE Meeting.
Interested in protecting our school community and decreasing violence in our society in general? Learn more at the first SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) meeting in room 102 during activity period this Thursday. See Ms. K Montgomery with any questions.

Count Every Child Week. This week is YUGA’s campaign, “Count Every Child” week, in which we focus on international birth registration. Children in under-developed countries and even here in the United States do not have birth certificates. No birth certificate means that the government does not know you exist, and getting the rights you deserve is far more difficult. There will be one fact announced every day, and, during the lunch waves, we will have a table set up in the cafeteria where you can be counted by putting your fingerprint on a piece of paper. At the end of the week, we are going to take the fingerprints and make one giant poster out of them to show how each one of you matters! Please stop by!
Monday's fact: Nearly one in three unregistered children in the world live in India.

Tuesday's fact: Around 290 million children (or 45% of all children under age five worldwide), do not possess a birth certificate.
Wednesday's fact: Without a birth certificate you cannot obtain a passport, drivers license, sign up for sports, register for school, and minors can be treated as adults. 
Thursday's fact: In sub-Saharan Africa, 70% of all births went unregistered in 2000. In South Asia, the figure was 63%.


Senior Grad Party. Seniors, if you plan to attend the all-night party after Graduation in June, you must submit your permission slip by Friday, March 16. This is an extension of the original due date. No payment is due at this time, but a tentative head count is a must. Permission slips are available in the Main Office.

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