Independent Studies

Independent Study (1888) Before the semester begins, a student wishing to pursue an independent study must submit a proposal to the chair of the appropriate department. The proposal must include:

  • Objective
  • Action plan with time line
  • Criteria for successful completion
  • Resources needed
  • Credit proposed
  • Teacher’s consent
  • Department chair approval

If approved, the proposal goes to School Counseling and Guidance Department chair for implementation and administrative details.
The student will then submit to School Counseling and Guidance Department the Independent Study Form (obtained from school counselor) signed by teacher, student, parent, and department chair.

  • The student is responsible for independent study.
  • The student must keep a daily journal
  • The student will meet weekly with cooperating teacher.
  • Contact hours will be determined by the teacher.
  • Number of hours will be equivalent to .5 or 1.00 credit course (82 minutes x 91 or 82 minutes x 46).
  • Academic rigor will be equivalent to similar course.
  • Specific criteria for monitoring/assessing progress will be determined by cooperating teacher and student.
  • A culminating project or paper must be completed in order to pass.
  • A time line will be determined.
  • The teacher will submit a monthly report of the student’s progress to department chair and progress report to student.
  • Graded on pass/fail basis.

Open to grades 11 and 12.