Literacy (1198) Literacy is a course designed for high school students who have received prior reading instruction through a multisensory structured language education approach or need support in reading for optimum success at Ledyard High School. It is
designed to continue instruction and build upon previously learned concepts. Units are designed according to basic reading concepts inherent through the MSLE curriculum including alphabet and dictionary skills, reading fluency, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and composition. Units are also designed with reference to the different types of text students are exposed to in the general education setting including narrative, persuasive, informational, and everyday texts.

Assessments target each student’s individual achievement in reading with emphasis on the standard of expectation for student learning that students will read and write critically and effectively for a variety of purposes. Standardized pre and post-testing are completed throughout the year to chart progress. Additional formative assessments will be given to instruct students on critical skills for reading for information, response to literature, and interdisciplinary writing.

Standardized testing is completed as a means of charting progress, and formative assessments are a means of assessing student work over time with opportunity for trial and error feedback and revision. For this reason grading is based on a Pass/Fail basis, which takes into consideration completion of assigned work, effort and participation, behavior and attitude. Graded on pass/fail basis. (.5 credit - meets alternate days for one semester)