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Web Service Providers

The LHS community depends on several web based services which provide Internet access points via your home computer, or mobile devices. We believe it takes a community to educate our children and this is one way you can become involved. Information communication technology currently serves as a way for teens to separate from adults. It can also serve as a way to continue communication with students.

Powerschool is our web based student information system. Keep up with grades & attendance to facilitate communication with teachers.
Log in for parents and students is available from the Guidance Office.

Ledyard High School - Guidance Department

Educators around the nation use turnitin to encourage "originality of thought". Students are required to turn papers in to this provider and will receive log in information from the teacher.

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Digital portfolios allow students to Collect, Select, and Reflect on their work as it relates to our school wide expectations for graduation. The class of 2013 and all those following are required to submit 2 pieces of work for each full credit class & 1 piece for 1/2 credit classes.
Student log in is available from teachers.

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Several teachers use schoolnotes.com to communicate what is going on in the classroom daily. You can check for your teacher—start with the zip code: 06339.
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Naviance is an online program consisting of several tools used for researching colleges and exploring careers. These applications will be used to promote college and workplace readiness. Naviance provides students with the framework to direct their own education, establish long & short-term goals, & plan for post secondary success.
Registration codes are available from your Guidance Counselor.

Ledyard High School - Guidance Department

Discover the invisible web resources LHS purchases for students’ use. Tired of spending hours searching the web? Try a formal search from one of our databases. Welcome to the invisible web!

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The Internet changes everyday and while you may work on a computer at school, the platform may be different at home. Here are some tips for transporting work between computers.

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Ledyard Senior Experience allows LHS Seniors the opportunity to complete work outside of the structure of school. Students pursue a career choice or research a topic of interest, and then make a presentation to a panel of staff and community members. The plan must be approved and include a mentor.

Ledyard High School - Ledyard Senior Experience

Online supplemental Textbooks

Some of our math and social studies texts offer online help for students, including reviews and practice tests.

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Receive automated school closings, emergency information, early dismissal, or important meeting updates. When you register a student, Powerschool automatically registers you for School Messenger!

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Do you own a new mobile device or laptop?
Be sure to register with the IT department.

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