The objectives of this attendance policy are to:

• Encourage students to participate fully in the educational opportunities offered to them at Ledyard High School.

• Develop habits of regular attendance and punctuality that will serve students beyond the high school setting.


The faculty and administration of Ledyard High School believe that learning experiences that occur in the classroom are an integral component of the learning process. This belief is consistent with overall philosophy of Ledyard High School, which endeavors to "promote a spirit of inquiry, mature critical faculties, creativity, responsible citizenship, integrity, and self-discipline."

Classroom instruction includes the presentation of facts, concepts, and theories; the interchange of ideas, attitudes, and opinions; and the supplementation and interpretation of the curriculum by a teacher's expertise. Because these experiences cannot be duplicated outside the classroom, time lost through absence is irretrievable.

In addition, patterns of responsible behavior developed in adolescence will further prepare students to meet the expectations of future employers. Regular school attendance is the optimal method for students to avail themselves of these kinds of learning experiences.

Students are therefore expected to attend all classes for which they are registered each day that class is in session. Excessive absences from class will result in loss of credit for that course.


A. Absence: Failure to attend class. Missing more than 15 minutes of any class will count as an absence toward the maximum.

B. Class Cut: Failure to attend class or study hall (while student is listed as being in attendance in school), when required to do so, without administrative approval. Missing more than 15 minutes of any class will be considered a class cut. Students who cut class will be given office detention.

C. Tardiness: Unauthorized failure to report to class prior to the start of the period. Missing more than 15 minutes of any class due to unexcused tardiness will be considered a class cut.


Absence Limit: No student may receive credit for a full credit course after being absent from that course fourteen (14) class periods. No student may receive credit for a half credit course after being absent from that course seven (7) class periods.

1. All absences from class will count toward the maximum (including most field trips), with the following exceptions:

• Participation in Board of Education funded field trips, conferences and requirements.

• Suspension

• Religious observances

• Legal obligations

• School Counseling and Guidance appointments

• Administration appointments

• Project Oceanology

• Athletic events

Note: Students on homebound instruction are not considered absent from school.

2. Notices of numbers of class absences will be sent to students, parents, and school counselors as follows:

Course Type

Class Attendance Notice sent at:

Loss of Credit Notice at:

One Credit

7 absences

14 absences

Half Credit

4 absences

7 absences